Tiger Woods’ PGA Blunder Disappoints Backers

Tiger Woods’ PGA Blunder Disappoints Backers

Friday, May 17, was a terrible day for fans of golf tournament betting and Tiger Woods. Last month, it looked like Woods’ career was turning around after his first Major since 2008. However, much to the disappointment of fans and bettors, he missed the cut in Round 2 at PGA championship. 

It was quite a disheartening moment. Namely, fans were sure that Woods would be the star of this year. In fact, there were predictions that he would win every golf Major. The predictions built up a lot of excitement, but also led bettors to invest a lot of money in Woods.

On May 17, the average odds for Woods were 40/1 (+4,000). Brooks Koepka was nine holes ahead. The round began at +2 after the previous day when Round 1 was 72. Woods failed to hit a good fairway until hole 19. 

Additionally, Woods’ best shot was on hole 18, and it marked the 3rd fairway for the player. He also missed the green during the 2nd shot in the final hole. The golfer looked incredibly tense at the time. 

Tiger’s day ended at 5-over 145. Thus, he only had one stroke above the cut line. Unfortunately, Woods’ hopes were destroyed. He is back to the drawing board now. 

Tiger Woods playing golf

The entire round seemed very awkward, and many believe that Tiger couldn’t make an impact in the final two rounds anyway. Additionally, Jim Furyk, Bubba Watson, Sergio Garcia, and Steve Stricker met the same fate. They had identical scores and made the same mistakes.

Tiger looked extremely nervous during the press conference. However, he made a confident statement claiming that, after all, he was over 40 years old. Woods took comfort in the fact that he is the Masters champion. He said it was a “pretty good” achievement.

Koepka and Other Favorites

Koepka and Other Favorites

Brooks Koepka is climbing up with a score of -12. His dominance is giving him a lot of new fans, and it’s possible that he might become the first back to back winner of PGA since Tiger’s wins in 2006–2007. 

He’s the event’s favorite with -400 odds. Additionally, Dustin Johnson (+1,400), Spieth (+1,400), and Scott (+1,800) are next in line. 

Among the spectators was the FanDuel Crew which had a big promotion for the tourney. It seems that their troubles have ended since Woods is out. During Woods’ Masters tournament win, the FanDuel sportsbook lost 2 million dollars. 

Fans are eager to find out what’s in store for Woods. It would be interesting to see an excellent rebound and a comeback after this loss.